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Let’s Talk About Cannabis-Infused Foods and Drinks

cannabis infused food and drink

If you’ve been reading up on the benefits of cannabis, you’re probably wondering how you can incorporate it into your life. From eating to drinking, there are so many ways to ingest the herb and reap the benefits. Whether you want to get high while eating or drink something as an evening refreshment, this guide will help you do just that. From appetizers and desserts to main courses and cocktails — there are so many ways to enjoy weed-infested food and drinks. Let’s dive in!

What is edibles?

The basics of edible marijuana are that it is made into food or drinks that are meant to be eaten or drunk. Edibles are often made with cannabis infused oil, which is then added to other ingredients like honey, butter, or coconut oil. When eaten, the cannabinoids in the oil are absorbed into the body through the GI tract and get stored in the fatty tissues. Ingesting cannabis this way can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours to begin to enter the bloodstream and be fully metabolized by the liver. There are many different kinds of edibles. You can buy a variety of flavors like gummy bears, chocolate bars, and brownies that are infused with THC. You can also make your own infused foods at home like cookies or brownies.

How to make weed-infused food

Creating infused food is a great way to add a little marijuana flavor to your diet. You can even make it a daily habit by baking a batch of cannabinoid-rich foods each week. You can also add marijuana to sauces, drinks, and other recipes. One of the simplest ways to infuse foods with marijuana is by making edibles oil. You can also infuse certain foods with marijuana by placing them in a food processor or blender. Once infused, these foods can be eaten or used in other recipes.

How to make weed-infused drinks

You don’t have to create beverages with marijuana alone. You can also create drinks that include cannabis ingredients. These drinks can be used for any occasion and are a great way to get high on the go. It’s worth noting that most drinks don’t take well to the addition of cannabinoids. This means that most drinks will have a strong cannabinoid taste. If you want to add a little cannabis kick to your drink, you can try making cannabis tea. You can also add a few drops of cannabis oil to some water or juice to create a flavourful drink.

Tips for consuming weed-infused food and drinks

  • Always keep your cannabis and cooking ingredients away from your kids. As with any substance, it’s important to ensure your children don’t come into contact with anything that could pose a risk to them.
  • Store your edibles in a cool, dry place. Keeping your cannabis ingredients in a cool, dry place will keep them from affecting your cannabis ingredients.
  • Start with small amounts. You don’t want to consume too much cannabis, so start with a small amount and work your way up to larger servings.
  • Wait at least one hour before consuming your edibles. Waiting before consuming your edibles will ensure that the effects have fully taken place.
  • Don’t drive or operate machinery after consuming edibles.
  • Always remember to consume responsibly and within your comfort level.


There are so many ways to enjoy weed-infused food and drinks. Cannabis is a complex plant with a wide range of health benefits, and integrating it into your daily diet is one of the best ways to reap those benefits. Making edibles is a great way to experiment with different recipes and ingredients, and it’s also a great way to consume your favourite foods without being obvious about it.  Check out online dispensary for a wide selection of cannabis products.


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