The grade of cannabis used for various purposes can be denoted by different labels.

Grade AAAA marijuana is one of the highest tier on our scale. It is the most highly sought after grade of cannabis. This is the grade for those who love the best quality in terms of taste, potency and smell of weed, the perfect cannabis from those who are connoisseurs. The leaves are the lushest green. It has an absolutely fragrant smell. Grown with the highest content of THC and CBD. The best of each harvest are all represented in this tier.

A portion of all grown commercial cannabis turns out better in quality than the rest of the batch.  Some cultivators will grow in small batches in extreme quality control to get the absolute best plants.  These are all then placed as AAAA quality cannabis.  Either due to quality or cost in growing such high quality cannabis, most AAAA cannabis are more costly than the other tiers.

Although a higher price point, AAAA grade cannabis holds its own in the marketplace because people will always want the best and quality speaks for itself.

Finding AAAA quality weed is quite easy as every dispenser, retailer and wholesaler has them in stock because everyone wants quality. In this tier it isn’t just price that’s different but also the strains themselves are quite different as cannabis can be grown specifically for different potency a cut above all the rest, different flavors and fragrances.

We at Chronicfarms want to provide a service that caters not only those with high-end budgets, but also individuals seeking selection among quality marijuana from the best. That’s why our store stocks a great selection of grade AAAA strains from those that are grown for potency from different regions, those that are grown for the best flavors and those that have differing fragrances among all the quality strains available.

Grade AAAA weed is perfect for everyone that wants to taste only the best.

We always get asked what is it that makes AAAA grade the best?

Every batch of crop harvested has a percentage of cannabis that is better than the rest in terms of looks which equate to quality. Lusher leaves, more fragrant buds/flowers. More THC/CBD content. These are marks that these particular plants are a quality above the rest. These are AAAA grade quality.

Some are specifically targeted and grown from the seeds of higher quality plants and then repeated until they get a quality that is much better than anything else.  The high costs of growing such are more reminiscent of craft cannabis.  The care cultivators put into getting the best are what makes these strains high quality AAAA cannabis.

Grade AAAA weed is represented by the best cannabis ones can find in the market. The most sought after choice when you’re looking for quality.  Of course there are many differences of opinion in what one thinks is the best.  That is why there are so many different choices in AAAA grade cannabis.

We have a tier grade system to help users have a sense of what to expect from among the many and various cannabis on offer. We have strict standards of product sorting and have placed the best quality among our cannabis in the right places.

We know that you’re looking for a reliable source of cannabis, so we’ve got just what you need. Our selection are all quality products of differing choices for you, the connoisseur to enjoy!

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(AAAA) Full Pound Mix & Match (16OZ)

Purchase this product now and earn 1,350 points! $1,349.99

Rainbow Pack AAAA Ounce

Purchase this product now and earn 110 points! $109.99

Cereal Milk (AAAA)

Earn up to 400 points. $9.99$399.99

Cherry Pie (AAAA)

Earn up to 120 points. $9.99$119.99

Dairy Queen (AAAA)

Earn up to 400 points. $9.99$399.99

Greasy Pink (AAAA)

Earn up to 400 points. $9.99$399.99

Huckleberry Diesel (AAAA)

Earn up to 400 points. $9.99$399.99

Orange Push Pop (AAAA)

Earn up to 400 points. $9.99$399.99

Pink Rockstar (AAAA)

Earn up to 100 points. $64.99$99.99

Purple Haze (AAAA)

Earn up to 120 points. $119.99

Purple Space Cookies (AAAA)

Earn up to 400 points. $9.99$399.99

Sophie’s Breath (AAAA)

Earn up to 400 points. $9.99$399.99

Sundae Driver (AAAA)

Earn up to 120 points. $9.99$119.99