Phoenix tears are a strong, concentrated extract of cannabis. They’re also known as RSO (Rick Simpson Oil), F.E CO2 or hashish oil – but no matter what you call them they’re potent and treat ailments like cancer with success rates higher than 90%. 

The famous “cancer cure” cannabis product is called Phoenix Tears by its inventor, Rick Simpson. He claims that it has abilities to treat various diseases and ailments including cancers but there are many controversies surrounding this claim.

Phoenix Tears can be used in three ways: orally, topically and by vaporization. Topical application for pain relief is one popular way that people consume the oil of this plant with benefits ranging from cancer treatment to mental health issues like anxiety or depression because it has so much CBD packed into each drop!

ORALLY: Phoenix Tears is quickly becoming one of the favorite methods for cannabis users. The effects can be felt in as little as five minutes and last up to four hours, which makes it perfect if you’re looking for something quick but don’t have time on your hands! Phoenix tear oil may also come in capsule form or baked into various foods that will make sure there’s no gap between how much THC interacts with your system–and this way they’ll usually stay effective longer too because these forms require more digestion than other types do.

TOPICALLY: Phoenix Tears can be applied topically to any area of your body that is in need. It has been used for many different skin symptoms, like how Rick Simpson treated his cancerous growths with it! You don’t even need anything else besides the oil itself- just rub some on and feel relief from pain after only an hour or so.

VAPORIZATION: Vaporizing Phoenix Tears is a bit more difficult, as the extract is quite thick. However it’s not impossible! There are two different methods you can try when using this type of device:

 1.The vaporizer pen is the best way to take Phoenix Tears since it can handle its thickness.

2.The second method for harvesting Phoenix tears is to thin them with organic vegetable glycerin; the ingredients are 100% food-grade and safe for ingestion.

Phoenix Tears is a potent medical marijuana extract, and it’s becoming the go-to for those in need. The powerful compounds within this herb are much more intense than smoking or eating edibles which means people may experience stronger effects when using them as treatment options with their doctors’ recommendation ready at hand!

Slow cancer growth: The most potent way Phoenix tears can help slow cancer growth is by shutting down enzymes that cause these cells to replicate at an accelerated rate. 

Alleviate pain: Cannabis oil has been used to treat chronic pain for decades. It can relieve you of your symptoms without the negative side effects that come with addictive drugs, and it might even help heal what ails you faster!

Diabete: In a study of patients with diabetes, Phoenix Tears was shown to be helpful in revitalizing the pancreas and reducing or eliminating insulin requirements for some users.

Weight loss: Phoenix tears can help you regulate your body weight, and return it to the optimal state. This is done naturally through cannabis oil’s potent abilities for detoxification as well!

Other benefits include: 

  • Relieve nausea
  • Increase appetite
  • Help with insomnia
  • Relief anxiety
  • Improve heart health

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