The grade of cannabis used for various purposes can be denoted by different labels.

Grade AAA marijuana is a tier lower than the best AAAA on our scale. It is the most common Grade of cannabis. This is a perfect grade for those who love the taste and smell of weed. The leaves are lush green, thick with purple hairs that give it an eye catching appearance as well! This high quality product has full trichomes which can be seen through their vibrant colors–yellow over oranges or reds mixed in there some too!

Most cultivators end up with AAA grade cannabis if grown properly.  They have the right amount of THC and/or CBD in them that we have grown to know and love in our cannabis. The average smoker or consumer will get the most out of this tier as it gives you the quality you expect at the right price. Users will get all the benefits in terms of potency and fragrance or effects towards relaxation in their cannabis. AAA grade weed will give you everything you have grown to love and enjoy in your cannabis to enjoy the day.

Finding AAA quality weed is easy as almost every dispenser, retailer and wholesaler has them in stock. The differences between everyone is merely the price point and the varieties each has available.

We at Chronicfarms want to provide a service that caters not only those with high-end budgets, but also individuals seeking quality marijuana for less expense. That’s why our store stocks both expensive and affordable cannabis. As grade AAA strains are both common making them affordable yet having great benefits they are the main favorites for personal use among the common smoker. 

Grade AAA weed is perfect for everyone for an enjoyable day. The moderate THC content will give you a boost to set yourself up for a busy day.

Most common queries weed dispensaries get asked are regarding the differences between the different tiers in cannabis. In this case the query between AAA and AAAA is merely a difference in quality control standards.

Every batch of crop harvested has a percentage of cannabis that is better than the rest in terms of looks which equate to quality.  Lusher leaves, more fragrant buds/flowers.  These are marks that these particular plants are a quality above the rest.  Those are AAAA grade quality.  On the other hand everything else is the more common AAA grade quality cannabis that everyone knows and has grown to love.

Grade AAA weed is the most common and sought after choice when you’re looking for cannabis. Although we use the term common it doesn’t mean that it is average.  Every dispensary has their own grading system and what they term common.  As there is no standardized grading system in the industry, you can find subpar and differing quality among the so-called “common” grade AAA cannabis.

We have a tier grade system to help users have a sense of what to expect from among the many and various cannabis on offer. We have strict standards of product sorting and have placed the best quality among our cannabis in the right places.

We know that you’re looking for a reliable source of cannabis, so we’ve got just what you need. Our selection ranges from quality and effective AAA strains at an affordable price point!

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Rainbow Pack AAA Ounce

Purchase this product now and earn 50 points! $49.99

Chemdawg (AAA)

Earn up to 300 points. $8.99$299.99

Diablo Death Bubba (AAA)

Earn up to 300 points. $8.99$299.99

Face Off OG (AAA)

Earn up to 950 points. $8.99$949.99

Gelato Cookies (AAA)

Earn up to 300 points. $8.99$299.99

God Bud (AAA)

Earn up to 950 points. $8.99$949.99

Grape Stomper (AAA)

Earn up to 950 points. $8.99$949.99

Master Kush (AAA)

Earn up to 950 points. $8.99$949.99

Phantom OG (AAA)

Earn up to 950 points. $8.99$949.99

Rockstar (AAA)

Earn up to 950 points. $8.99$949.99

Super Nuken (AAA)

Earn up to 950 points. $8.99$949.99