That’s right, I’m talkin’ about some good old fashioned “craft cannabis.” Grown with mama’s love and grown for a cause. These babies are handcrafted in the most intricate ways possible; from start to finish these plants were nurtured on every level imaginable so that their quality would reflect what we know our moms can do best – grow something great!

Craft cannabis is a term used to describe the process of growing small batches. With this type, you can use only quality genetics and bring out their best aromas in flavor or effect by cultivating them carefully with every detail dialed in from seedling until harvest time

Cultivators who cultivate craft Cannabis have precise knowledge about how these plants grow so they are able produce high-quality products made specifically for each terpene profile that may be present based on humidity levels during different seasons.

When it comes to growing your own weed, there are two schools of thought. The first is that cannabis should be treated more like a commodity and sold at large scales suitable for commercial production methods as opposed Craft Cannabis which emphasizes cultivation techniques with an emphasis on quality over quantity; cultivating only what you need instead of paying someone else who may not know quite how much will grow or if they’re getting their product from bad genetics sources because the company’s entire focus was automation-driven growth thinking rather than someone involved in plant development overall.

Growing craft and commercial cannabis is a very different process when growing for personal use. I found that it all boils down to three things: operation size, attention to detail, as well the resulting quality of your product when you’re done making it!

The thing to know about cannabis is that each individual cultivar requires different growth techniques in order for it to be as potent and flavorful. With so many farms growing a bunch of different strains under one roof, they often rush drying or curing processes because companies want their product on shelves ASAP—but this can result in lower quality marijuana since some plants won’t have time enough hours before being harvested fully grown into maturity indoors like with outdoor grows where sunlight plays an integral role during all stages from planting until harvesting time comes around again.

The downside to producing so many plants is that it’s difficult for these companies to maintain a high level of quality control. You often can’t tell the difference between one marijuana strain and another because they may not have been cultivated with care, but rather grown in bulk under unsanitary conditions just so more people will buy what you’re selling at any cost (even if its bad).

The upside here? Quality always wins out when there are too many options available; even though a lower-quality product might be cheaper per unit weight than some other types–you’ll find yourself getting higher doses which means greater value overall!

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(AAAA+) Craft Cannabis – 1 Ounce – Mix & Match (4 x 7g)

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