Live resin is made from freshly harvested cannabis plants that are quickly flash frozen, retaining most plant compounds. It’s different from other concentrates because it still contains delicate trichomes containing terpenes and flavonoids which give off an amazing smell when smoked or vaped!

The live resin production process — flash-freezing the plant material, then extracting compounds from it — is associated with high-quality and flavorful concentrates. Bypassing typical drying stages allows for a greater proportion of essential oils that are responsible for weed’s distinctive flavors and aromas in final products like extracts or edibles!

One way to make live resin is by using a solvent like butane or propane, which are found in common fuels. This process leads many people to consider it as being similar with one exception: The use of ethanol instead!

The cannabis plant material is harvested and flash-frozen immediately. This process ensures quality, purity in every finished product because there are no other substances added to it during the freezing procedure; just pure cannabis extract with an intense aroma that will make you high as soon as your nose detects its presence!

Solvent manipulations are the crucial step in producing quality extract. The chilling process of solvent and starting material releases trichomes from plant matter, which then vaporize at high heat when introduced together for condensation back into liquid form!

Extractors should always be mindful of the temperature. Too much can ruin an extraction, and if it’s too hot then you’ll end up with decarboxylated concentrate that has lost its translucence as well!

Live resin has many different ways to be consumed.

Dabbing: Most people use a dab rig and e-nail to smoke their concentrates. A nail is used for holding the material in place, while an associated tool with some kind of scoop on it allows you to handle live resin’s gooey consistency.

Vaporizing at low temperatures ensures that you preserve terpenes and flavors without scorching the concentrate—somewhere around 350°F.

Vaping: You can also use live resin in a dab pen, which is similar to the device known as vape pens. The only difference? You’ll need your concentrate of choice!

Top off: Live resin is a great way of adding some extra intensity to your joint. Put it on top and enjoy!

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