A psychoactive drug from the Cannabis plant, native to Central Asia and India. It has been used for both recreational and religious purposes in various cultures across time periods as well as within traditional medicines like Ayurveda Medicine that date back centuries before Christ was born! THC is one of 483 compounds found within this famous herb including at least 65 cannabinoids with medical potential such as an anti-inflammatory agent called Cannabinoids. An agonist which can treat arthritis without producing euphoria or cognitive impairment .

Cannabis is the dried flower buds and leaves of a cannabis plant. It can be found in many different colors, ranging from grayish green to brown or black depending on how it’s grown; some varieties may also have seeds attached while others do not. Hash refers to the resin that forms on these mature plants as well–it looks like crumbled up shredded paper (hence its name). The term ‘hash’ comes from Arabic meaning `to grind’, referring back historically when people used this product for cooking instead of smoking them because raw marijuana contains too much THC which causes negative side-effects if you smoke

There is a lot of misinformation about marijuana, and it’s all wrong. Cannabis actually has several benefits: 

1) It can help relieve pain in patients with arthritis or multiple sclerosis who are experiencing muscle spasms because their symptoms seem to be coated by this drug

 2) Data suggests that cannabis may decrease the risk for mental illnesses including depression as we know it today- think less suicide rates!

3) Some studies say smoking pot doesn’t give you cancer like cigarettes do (though others dispute these findings).

4), People have been using medical cannabis since at least 2700 bc ago so clearly there must have been something special about those early harvest.

The effects of cannabis can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. While some people prefer to smoke it, others may find other delivery methods more palatable such as edibles or tinctures that they make themselves at home with ingredients like peppermint extract for an ice cream flavor. Be sure not only start slowly but also give yourself time before increasing your dosage so you know what works best!

The Cannabis Act, which was passed by Parliament on October 17th and legalizing cannabis for the first time in Canada’s history. This is great news!

A psychoactive intoxicant that has been banned since 1923 but now can be consumed legally with a doctor’s prescription- what could go wrong? The consumption of this drug may seem dangerous especially considering its addictiveness as well as some health effects such as increased risks of mental illness or addiction among young people; however there have been studies done proving these fears false according to Health Canada staff members who specialize in addressing youth substance abuse issues.

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