Kief is the accumulation of trichomes from cannabis flowers. These resin glands secrete a sticky substance containing terpenes and cannabinoids which give it its unique qualities, making kief an efficient form for smoking harsher substances like joints or blunts as well infusing food with potency to name just some examples!

When you gaze into the nug of marijuana, tiny translucent crystals coat its exterior. These glistening particles carry essential cannabis compounds that create psychoactive and potential health benefits for those who consume it!

Smoking in a bowl

Topping off a pipe or bong bowl with kief can be an ideal way to ensure that you aren’t wasting any of the precious substance. In addition, adding some extra goodies will allow you to control how much smoke is inhaled and when each hit gets lit up in turn!

If you’re looking for a way to smoke your kief that’s as easy and straightforward, then this is the best bet.

Use kief in a joint or blunt

Kief can be rolled into a joint or blunt. This method is more complicated than sprinkling on top of some broken-up flower in the bowl, but it burns faster so you want to mix kief with your bud for an even burn rate that matches up well with everything else going down during smoking Sessions!

Use kief in a vaporizer

The best way to vaporize kief is to mix it with cannabis. Unfortunately, the science behind burning and concentrating it isn’t quite there yet so most pens don’t work well for that purpose–but if you’re looking at a rig specifically made for doing so then your search ends here!

The first moonrocks were made famous using the legendary strain GSC. Of course, you can use any strain that works best for your needs but dense and cylindrical nugs are recommended to get an authentic look!

The easiest and most available method of applying hash oil is to use a syringe. You can also use any runny consistency concentrate, which will give you an even coat on your nug that should be covered with kief!

When making moonrocks, roll the nug in a pile of kief. Depending on how many you are going to make determines how much is needed for each medium-sized one and we recommend about quarter gram per rock–the end result should be an outer layer that looks like it was collected from lunar soil!

It’s tricky to smoke moonrocks. The best way is with a pipe, hookah or bong because if you try rolling them up and using your dab rig then they won’t be fully smoked-out when weed gets stuck in the crevices of its interior which makes for an unpleasant experience!

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