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Live Resin vs Rosin – What’s The Difference?

live resin vs rosin

Live Resin vs Rosin: Which Is The Better Concentrate?

If you’re new to the world of cannabis concentrates, you might be wondering what the difference between live resin vs rosin.

Long story short: there are a lot of differences between live resin vs rosin. 

While they have many similarities, there are also some very distinct differences between these two concentrates. 

Here’s what you need to know about live resin vs rosin.

Live Resin vs Rosin; What Is Live Resin?

Before we talk about live resin vs rosin, we need to understand what live resin is.

Live resin is a relatively new cannabis concentrate, quickly becoming a favourite of many stoners. It’s made by extracting the terpene-rich trichomes from cannabis buds frozen immediately after harvest.

Live resin is known for its intense flavour and aroma, as well as its impressive medicinal properties.

The high THC content means it can deliver powerful effects, but the terpenes give it a unique character that makes it stand out from other concentrates on the market.

Live Resin vs Rosin; How Is Live Resin Made?concentrate extraction from cannabis

Live resin is a concentrate made from frozen buds, not trim or leaves. It all starts with freshly harvested cannabis flower buds frozen immediately after harvest.

This helps maintain their terpene profile and prevent degradation.

Next, the flowers are ground up and placed into a closed loop system, mixed with a solvent that extracts cannabinoids like THC and CBD from the plant matter.

The solvent then evaporates, leaving behind wax-like material known as live resin.

What Is Live Resin vs Rosin; Understanding Rosin

Rosin is a type of concentrate physically extracted from the cannabis plant. It is created by extracting cannabinoids from the trichomes on the marijuana flower buds with heat and pressure.

Rosin presses are used to make rosin, which can be consumed in various ways. Live rosin can also be used as a solvent in other products such as tinctures, creams and concentrates.

Live Resin vs Rosin; How Is Rosin Made?rotovap cannabis concentrate extraction

Extracting live rosin from marijuana buds uses heat and pressure in place of solvents like alcohol or butane. Instead, it uses heat and pressure to preserve all those delicious terpenes in the bud.

Once buds are cured, they’re put into an extraction machine. The extraction machine applies heat and pressure to break down the trichomes into their essential oils (resin).

The pressure part comes from a hydraulic press built into most live rosin machines. The heat part comes from an electric heating element that sits under each tray of buds while they sit in the press.

The resulting product is a thick sap that resembles sap or honey in texture and colour, hence the name “rosin.” 

Live Resin vs Rosin: What Is The Difference?Rosin from online dispensary in Canada. Buy cannabis concentrates, THC distillate, and live resin.

The primary difference between live resin vs rosin is how they’re made.

Rosin: The Basics

Rosin is produced when a solventless extraction process is used with cannabis flowers. The process involves applying heat and pressure to the flower, which releases the natural trichomes from within the plant material.

These trichomes can then be collected through filter screens or pressing machinery to create a hash oil concentrate known as rosin oil or resin.

• Appearance

Live rosin is a sticky, gooey substance extracted from the cannabis flower. The reason why it’s different from traditional hash oil is rosin is made from the actual plant and not just the resinous trichomes on top of it.

Live rosin is made using a solvent-free extraction method that only uses heat and pressure to extract all the essential oils from your buds.

It retains all the terpenes, cannabinoids and flavonoids that are naturally present in your flowers, making it an excellent choice for medical patients who prefer natural products over synthetic ones.

The appearance of live rosin varies depending on the cannabis you use and how much pressure was applied during extraction.

Still, most people describe it as similar to wet sand or tar when it comes out of the press.

• Flavour

The flavour depends on the strain you use and how you make your live rosin.

If you’re using a solventless method, the flavour will completely depend on the strain. Some strains are naturally sweeter and more citrusy than others.

Live Resin: The Basics

Live resin is typically made using frozen fresh plant matter rather than cured buds. The fresh buds must be frozen immediately after harvest to maintain their terpene profiles and other desirable qualities.

If it isn’t made using fresh frozen plants, it will likely have lower terpene content than rosin oil or other live resin products made from dry sift or bubble hash. Hence, not live resin.

• Appearance

Live resin has a bright amber colour and a sticky consistency. It’s made from fresh cannabis plant material.

The name “living resin” is used because the buds are freshly picked before they are cured and processed into this form of concentrate.

• Flavour

Live resin also has a distinct smell that’s similar to fresh pine. This smell is caused by terpenes in the plant, which give cannabis its distinctive taste and smell.

• High terpene content

Live resin is known for its high terpene content, smooth taste, and live resin flavours. The terpenes in live resin are still in their natural state, giving them that unique taste and smell.

Live Resin Vs Rosin; How To Smoke Live Resin

Smoking cannabis resin can be tricky. It’s best to use small amounts at first if you’re not used to smoking concentrates, as they can be a bit harsh on your throat and lungs if you take too much too fast.

You can also use a vaporizer or dab rig to smoke live resin, giving you a smoother hit than burning it with a torch lighter or joint paper.

Best Live Resin In Canada

Let’s review some of the best live resins in Canada:

1. Gelato #33 – Live Resin

Chronic Farms Gelato 33 Resin is made from the finest cannabis strains, grown in a natural environment and cured with love.

The resin is extracted from the buds of these strains and carefully dried to preserve all the terpenes that make it smell and taste so good.

This strain was developed to be particularly potent, so keep your eyes open for some serious effects!

2. Guava Berry – Live Resin

The guava berry resin from Chronic Farms is a fruity and sweet terpene-rich concentrate that will satisfy your sweet tooth and give you the full-bodied flavour you expect from a live resin.

This product is a sativa-dominant strain, so if you’re looking for something mellow and relaxing, this one’s for you. It has an uplifting effect that leaves users feeling happy and euphoric without making them anxious or paranoid.

The taste is what sets this concentrate apart from others—it’s sweet but not overly sugary, which makes it ideal for dabbing or vaping with a tank system.

The aroma is fruity, almost like watermelon candy, with a touch of pineapple mixed in!

If you’re looking for a potency boost or want to relax after work with friends, this is the perfect product!

3. Tropicana Jetfuel – Live Resin

If you’re looking for a high-quality, delicious, and potent cannabis experience, look no further than Jetfuel Live Resin!

This strain is well-known for providing an uplifting, euphoric feeling lasting anywhere from 2 to 6 hours.

Tropicana Jetfuel Live Resin is derived from the popular sativa-dominant hybrid strain Tropicana #1. It has a sweet and sour flavour reminiscent of tropical fruits like pineapple and mango.

4. White Runtz – Live Resin

If you’re looking for a strain that will take you on an adventure, look no further than Runtz Live Resin.

With a THC level of about 25%, this indica-dominant hybrid provides a euphoric high that will leave you feeling relaxed, with a body buzz just enough to keep you from falling asleep.

This strain has a sweet and earthy aroma, with notes of pine and citrus. The taste is similar, though there’s also a hint of melon in there as well.

The effects are full-body relaxation—just what you need when it’s time for bed!

Live Resin Vs Rosin; Where To Buy Cheap Weed In Canada?

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