The THC in Your System: How Long Does it Stay and What Does It Do to You?

THC is the chemical compound in marijuana that gets you high. It’s also the one that shows up on drug tests. That means it can be tough to know how long THC remains in your system and what other problems it might cause.

The good news is, we’ve done some digging and found out everything we could about it for you! We cover:

  • How long THC stays in your body
  • What does THC do to you?
  • How long will THC show up on a drug test?

How long does THC stay in your body?

THC is fat soluble, meaning it sticks around in your body for a really long time. It takes time for THC to work its way out of your system.  The longer you’ve been smoking weed, the more THC has built up in your system and the longer it will take to work its way out of your body.  If you’ve only smoked once or twice, you should be able to get rid of any trace amounts within two months if you don’t smoke anymore. But if you’re a chronic smoker, the half-life of THC can be as long as 25 days!  So how long does THC stay in your body? The truth is that there’s no one answer to this question. It depends on many factors, including:

  • How often you smoke weed 
  • Your body weight 
  • The amount of marijuana consumed 
  • The type of weed consumed (sativa vs. indica)
  • How the weed is consumed

What does it do to you?

THC has many effects on the human body. The one that most people care about is how it gets us high, and it does this by activating the brain’s pleasure center.  It also alters your mood and perception, and can make you feel relaxed or anxious depending on what type of strain you use. It’s also used for medical purposes like easing pain and treating certain types of mental health disorders like PTSD and anxiety.

How long will THC show up on a drug test?

THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) can stay in your system for up to 6 weeks, but will only show up on a drug test for 1-3 days.  It’s important to note that even though THC can stay in your bloodstream for up to 6 weeks, it will only show up on a drug test for 1-3 days.

So if you’re worried about getting fired or losing your license due to failing a drug test, know that the consequences are typically much more serious than what they would be if you were just high at work. For example, some jobs require employees to be clean of drugs and alcohol before they start their shift—meaning you need to be careful about when and where you get high!


It’s impossible to provide a definite answer to the question, “How long does THC stay in your system?” The length of time it stays in your system depends on a number of factors, including how frequently you use it, the amount you use, your weight, and the potency of the THC.  So, if you’re wondering how long will THC show up on a drug test, the only way to know for sure is to take a drug test.  Keep in mind that ingesting edibles lasts much longer in your body than smoking or vaping.  

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