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The Different Kinds of Rolling Papers Explained

The Different Kinds of Rolling Papers Explained

If you’ve ever smoked weed, then you know how great it feels to puff on a joint or a blunt. The high that smoking weed gives you is incomparable and the joy of lighting up has led many to take up this habit in their lifetime. Knowing how many people have taken up this practice, manufacturers have come out with various rolling papers to accommodate the different needs of smokers. It’s no surprise that there are different kinds of rolling papers on the market today.

What is Rolling Paper?

Rolling paper is the paper that is used to wrap marijuana and tobacco herbs to create joints, blunts, and other smoking devices. A joint is marijuana rolled into a tube shape, and blunts are wraps that are similar to joints but with the herb only in the middle of the wrap. Rolling paper is generally made from a variety of paper blends that are sometimes bleached or treated with a natural chemical to give them a more porous quality. The paper must be able to be crumpled up without breaking, or it would make it too difficult to roll up the herbs. You can find rolling papers in a variety of different sizes and shapes. Some people prefer to use long rolling papers to create larger joints, while others prefer to use smaller papers to create smaller, more concentrated joints.

Rice Paper

Rice paper is made from rice starch, which is what makes it sticky when you roll joints out of it. Rice papers are usually translucent, transparent, or translucent yellow. They’re usually made from rice starch, but some brands are gluten-free and do not contain any wheat. Rice papers are great for rolling joints because they’re translucent, so they let you see the joint’s colour underneath the paper. Rice papers are a simple and inexpensive way to make joints. All these factors make rice papers a great choice for rolling joints.

Hemp Paper

Hemp paper is made from hemp, which is a plant that’s grown all over the world. Hemp is a great plant because it’s naturally high in fiber and low in minerals, which makes it great for paper production. The most common type of hemp paper is made from 100% hemp. Hemp papers are usually grey or brown, and they’re usually very thin. Hemp papers are great for rolling blunts or joints because they’re thin, which makes it easy to roll and pack a lot of tobacco into them.

Wood Pulp Paper

Wood pulp paper is created by pulping wood fibres and then combining them with a starch base. This paper is then bleached or chemically treated to give it a porous quality. It is also a very strong paper that doesn’t tear easily. The downside to this is that relative to other papers, wood pulp paper is not very absorbent, so it tends to absorb a lot of the flavour of the oils being consumed. Wood pulp papers are typically used for BHO and other concentrates where there is a lot of wax. The wax creates a barrier that prevents the butane from evaporating as quickly, so the whole paper becomes tacky.

Flax Paper

Flax paper is made from flax fibres that are pressed and then treated to form a paper. Like hemp and wood pulp papers, flax paper is strong and can handle oils. The main difference between flax paper and the other papers is that it is much more absorbent. This makes it ideal for cannabis joints and blunt wraps. One thing to keep in mind is that because it is so absorbent, the flavour will be absorbed very quickly and you won’t have time to enjoy it.


Rolling papers are an important piece of equipment for anyone who enjoys smoking marijuana. Depending on your needs, you can choose from a wide range of papers from which to make your joints. Whether you prefer raw hemp, raw flax, wood pulp, or a rice paper, there is a paper for you. While rolling papers are important, you should also keep in mind what kind of marijuana you are consuming and find a rolling paper that is best suited to the kind of cannabis you are using. Keep in mind that not all rolling papers are made the same. Depending on your needs, you should aim to find a paper that is strong, absorbent, and porous.  Visit online dispensary for all your cannabis needs.


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