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How to Buy Cannabis Concentrates: A Beginners Guide

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If you’re new to the world of cannabis and are looking to ease your way in, purchasing a concentrate might be just the thing. Cannabis concentrates are essentially vapes, tinctures, topicals, oils and edibles that have been manufactured into something more potent. These products offer a higher level of THC and/or other cannabinoids than what is offered by regular buds and flower. For this reason, concentrates are often an entry point into the world of cannabis for new users or those who don’t regularly partake.

What is a concentrate?

Concentrates are the end product of butane hash oil (BHO) extraction. This process involves using butane to extract the oils from the flowers, leaves, and stems of the cannabis plant. The oils are then combined with a binding agent, such as propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin, and then sealed in a container. When you vape or consume a concentrate, the cannabinoids are either heated and then inhaled as vapour or absorbed through the lungs and into the bloodstream. This is why concentrates are much stronger than flower. They contain more cannabinoids than what’s found in bud, which means a much stronger effect. Since concentrates are made by extracting the cannabinoids from the plant material, they are considered a full-spectrum product, which is why they are so popular with patients and recreational users alike.

Where to Buy Cannabis Concentrates

This may sound a bit daunting, but it’s really quite simple. Once you’ve found a reputable dispensary and have your concentrate in hand, you’ll be well on your way to vaping like a pro in no time. Starting your cannabis concentrate journey with the wrong dispensary can be a frustrating and frustrating experience. You need a dispensary such as Chronic Farms who is reputable, reliable and has quality products that will get you high.

Things to Keep in Mind When Purchasing Cannabis Concentrates

  • Be aware of the source – If you’re purchasing concentrates from a dispensary, make sure they’re from a reputable sourcing company. This is especially important with concentrates that have an ethanol extraction method. While solvent extraction methods can be cleaner and safer, they also produce a different type of concentrate due to the method used. So, make sure you know what you’re buying.
  • Know the dosage – When purchasing concentrates, you want to make sure that you know how much you’re taking in. While most producers adhere to a 10% THC/40mg CBD ratio, there are a select few that have their own ratios. So, make sure you know what you’re getting into when purchasing a particular brand.
  • Know the extraction method – There are a few different types of extraction methods used when producing concentrates. During your research, make sure you know what extraction method is being used so you can make an informed decision.


Within the past few years, concentrates have risen to become one of the most popular forms of cannabis. This is because they are potent and easy to use, making them a great choice for those who want to consume cannabis but don’t have much experience. If you’re new to the world of cannabis and are looking to ease your way in, purchasing a concentrate might be just the thing. With the wide range of options available and the many benefits of using cannabis concentrates, finding the right product for you shouldn’t be difficult.  Visit online dispensary for all your cannabis needs.

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