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The Top 5 Deals on Edibles & Weed Candy at Our Online Dispensary

Potent gummy bears, weed candy, baked edibles and more deals of edibles from an online dispensary in Canada for mail order marijuana and weed online Canada.

The Best Deals on Edibles and Weed Candy You’ll Find Online in Canada

Whether you’re dipping your toes in the cannabis consumption realm or have some experience, you may be wondering what the best deals on cannabis edibles are and where to buy them.

Weed THC edibles are some of the most popular cannabis products. With each delectable treat more delicious than the next, cannabis edibles leave your taste buds insatiable.

From hard candy, squashy gummies, and crunchy brownies to chocolate and delectable tea brews, the diversity of edible weed is a great feat for the cannabis consumption industry.

A gorge-down session on these edibles can be sour, soothing, squashy, chewy, and everything in between.

Additionally, when you buy edibles online in Canada, you’re guaranteed thoroughly tested products that come accurately and consistently dosed, thanks to the tight regulation around edible products.

You can confidently explore our selection of cheap THC edibles to find all your favourite treats and discover new flavours and products.

And to nudge your discovery of the best deals on edibles, we’ve put together a list of the top 5 deals on edibles that feature delectable flavour varieties at affordable rates.

But first, let’s explore the different categories of edibles.

Our Irresistible Deals On EdiblesTHC gummies and more deals on edibles from a Canadian online dispensary for gummy, weed candy, concentrates, and dispensary weed.

Since edibles are food products infused with cannabinoids, they can come in many different forms. Below are some of the different forms Canadian edibles take.

Weed Candy

Weed candies look and feel like your typical candy, the only difference being the THC infusion. Weed candy, like Twisted Extracts – Cara-Melts, is a double adsorption product.

This means that THC infused in the soft candy is first absorbed through your mouth as you suck on the sappy goodness.

Once you ingest the candy, it will undergo normal digestion, and the remaining THC will be absorbed in the liver.

Typically you’ll feel the effects 20 minutes after ingestion.

Baked Goods

Baked goods were the pioneer edible products. Although traditionally, they took the form of poorly baked, unpalatable cookies and brownies that reeked of unpleasant aromas, the new line of baked edibles have come a long way from that.

Now you can choose between fluffy, decadent Get Wrecked Edibles – Chocolate Brownie and chocolate-filled crunchy Get Wrecked Edibles – Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Both products feature indulgent dessert flavours and aromas. However, because the taste will be irresistible, avoid overconsumption as the effect will kick in 45 minutes to 2 hours after ingestion.

Chocolate THC Edibles

What is a better treat than a cannabis-infused chocolate bar smelling of roasted nuts, creamy butter and dried coffee?

Cannabis chocolate edibles are a decadent treat that will melt on your tongue. The treat comes in the familiar form of chocolate bars subdivided into smaller boxes to make it easier to dose.

Gummiescolorful fruity jelly gummy weed candy in a bowl and for sale at Chronic Farms online dispensary and mail order marijuana weed store for edibles online in Canada.

Edible weed gummies are all the rage. They present a delightful treat for the senses, from sour to sweet notes and everything in between.

The squishy treats also feature delightful gummy designs. In addition, you can buy edible weed gummies in different shapes, colours and flavours.

If you like the look of a typical gummy bear, you can go for the Mary’s Medibles – Indica Westcoast Teddies. The gummies are sugar-sweet with hints of tangy electric notes.

You can also get your gummies in the form of sour swirls with Mary’s Medibles – Sativa Sour Swirls.

You’ll enjoy the cheek-puckering notes as the mushy candies grind between your teeth.

Tea and Cocoa

THC-infused tea and cocoa mixes are like breaths of fresh air in the cannabis consumption realm.

With drink mixes like  Mota – Iced Tea Mix, self-appointed cannabis barristers have a chance to brew a cup of their desired drinks, whether they like it chilled or warm.

And by regulating the amount of powder you add to your beverage, you can easily control your THC dosing to enjoy a smooth sailing trip whenever you thirst for a THC drinkable.

Five Deals On Edibles And Weed Candy At Chronics Farms

You know you’re getting the best deals on edibles when your Canadian deals on edibles come in a variety pack, offering you diverse flavours and multiple products to choose from.

At Chronic Farms, we have multiple deals on edibles that save you money and guarantee the highest quality weed products. 

If you want to buy cheap deals on edibles in Canada, trust us to have your back. Here is a selection of our top five deals on edibles that will be a guaranteed hit for both new and established cannabis consumers.

1. Get Wrecked Edibles – Mix & Match Bundle – 5 PACKGet Wrecked Edibles – Mix Match Bundle – 5 PACK

This mixed-pack bundle is for edible lovers who like their pastries infused with potent THC.

When you buy the Get Wrecked Edibles – Mix & Match Bundle – 5 PACK, you’ll get two packages of brownies, two packages of cookies, and a packet of sour peach gummies.

The brownies and cookies will be 100mg each. On the other hand, the sour peach gummy package will feature six gummies, each infused with 25 mg of THC.

All the deals on edibles have been carefully manufactured to prioritize quality and consistent dosing.

Also, remember to start slow and build your way up. Just a few bites of these delicious treats will be all you need to stay high for a while.

Best deals on edibles are excellent for help in managing chronic pain, stress, and muscle tension. In addition, their effects will stay on the body for extended periods, giving longer relief for symptoms.

2. Herbivores Edibles – Variety Packvariety pack by herbivore edibles

Need help to decide between fruit-shaped gummies, key-shaped gummies, and other gummy flavours and colours? With Herbivores Edibles – Variety Pack, you won’t have to.

The package comes with six squashy sweet gummies, each infused with 25 mg of THC.

So you can enjoy a bottle-shaped cherry cola, cheek-puckering sour key gummies, banana blast, and blue foot blast with your order.

Gummy edibles present a discreet way of getting your THC dose. You can pop one in your mouth without arousing any suspicion.

Also, they’re great for patients intimidated by other methods of consuming cannabis, like dabbing.

When the effects manifest after 45 minutes to 2 hours, you feel a surge in creativity, happiness, and relaxation.

3. Laughing Monkey – Assorted Candy Gummies 200mg THCAssorted Candy Gummies by laughing monkey

From sour keys to coca colas and grapes-shaped gummies, Laughing Monkey – Assorted Candy Gummies 200mg THC promises tangy sweet gummies sprinkled with sugar granules to add texture to the delicate flavour.

The assorted gummies feature diverse dosing to cater to different levels of THC tolerance. For a lower dose, start with 25 mg of candy gummies.

If you have a higher tolerance for THC, then go for the 50 mg candy.

Laughing Monkey edibles guarantee you only the highest quality edibles. The manufacturer only uses natural flavours, and the highest quality cannabis extract called the D9 distillate.

4. Potluck Chocolate BarsChocolate bars by potluck

Potluck Chocolate Bars gives you one of the best deals on potent edibles. The gourmet-level bars are made with the highest quality cocoa, full-spectrum cannabis oil, and all-natural ingredients.

The full spectrum oil will ensure that each potent bite gives you an entourage effect— the enhanced cannabis benefits resulting from multiple compounds working together.

That’s not all. Your package will have six different potluck chocolate bar flavours to indulge in.

The flavours include:

  • Cookies ‘N Creme
  • Maple Bacon
  • Milk Chocolate
  • Toffee (Skor)
  • Matcha White Chocolate

With each bar, you’ll get 12 pieces of chocolate, each boasting 25 mg of THC.

5. MOTA – Temple Teastemple teas by mota

Cannabis drink mixes are loved for their diversity in usage.

You can brew your mix into a potent tea or chilled beverage as instructed on the package, or you can go off on a tangent and use the mix to brew your favourite mocktail or other unique drinks.

With MOTA – Temple Teas, you’ll get to choose your favourite drink mix from the six delicious flavours available:

  • Egyptian Chamomile
  • Lemon Grass
  • Lemon Sencha
  • Moroccan Mint
  • Caramel Chai Pu-Erh
  • Jasmine Green Tea

Each tea mix has 120 mg of THC and 20 mg of CBD to ensure you get a pleasant high and all the cannabinoid medical benefits.

Treat Your Senses With Our Delicious Deals On Edibles

With all these deals on edibles available, you might be wondering, “can you order edibles online in Canada?”

The answer is a resounding yes. You can get best deals on edibles online in Canada at your favourite mail-order marijuana dispensary, and we’ll deliver them to your doorstep anywhere in the country.

Whether you like budget buds, concentrates, or pet health products, Chronic Farms works with the best producers in Canada to bring you cheap THC edibles without sacrificing quality. Buy weed online today!