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Top 10 Potent Budget Buds From Our Weed Dispensary

Budget buds, cheap canna, and AAAA weed online Canada from Chronic Farms online weed dispensary.

These 10 Mail-Order Marijuana Budget Buds Will Blow You Away

Are you not convinced that budget buds can be potent and delicious? This article will change your mind forever! Contrary to popular belief, the cheap buds featured in this article are all extremely high in THC. 

Check out this ultimate list of the hottest budget buds for 2022, reviewed and compared.

Find out which cheap bud made the number one spot for the highest-quality product, and uncover some fantastic money-saving tips. 

By the end of this article, you’ll learn where to get budget buds in Canada without skimping on quality. 

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So, which budget buds will help keep your bank account happy? Which strains will provide you with the exhilarating high? Keep reading to find out.

The Top 10 Best Budget Buds for 2022BC cannabis budget buds and cheap canna weed online from Chronic Farms mail order marijuana online weed dispensary and weed store.

If you are short on cash or you just want to save money on other things, these budget buds are the right choice for you. 

Student stoners and frugal consumers, these recommendations will blow your socks off! We’ve looked high and low for the best cheap buds that provide the highest THC percentage for the lowest price. 

While these are the most powerful budget buds in Canada, they’re also tasty, effective, and safe.

Of course, to ensure your safety and an enjoyable cannabis experience, we highly recommend choosing an online dispensary with credibility such as Chronic Farms. 

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Scroll on to find out which budget buds to buy online today.

1. Dancehall (AAAA)Dancehall budget buds for sale online where weed online in Canada is sold. Chronic Farms online dispensary weed store for edibles, shatter, concentrates, and dispensary weed.

If you are looking for cheap buds to clear your mind and help you get ready for the day, you need to try the Dancehall (AAAA)

This is an intense Sativa-dominant hybrid suitable for consumers who want to feel more productive, creative, and most importantly, focused.

If you are dealing with cloudy thoughts and a lack of motivation, try Dancehall. 

According to stoners, this is not only a powerful hybrid but also one of the tastiest budget buds in Canada. Imagine a lovely mixture of tropical fruit with mint and lime. Grab Dancehall today for $49.99 on sale.

2. LA Beatnik (AAAA)LA Beatnik weed online Canada & cheap canna budget buds from an online weed dispensary with mail order marijuana BC cannabis and Alberta cannabis.

For a calming and meditative effect, it is best to choose an Indica hybrid like LA Beatnik (AAAA). This is a top-tier Indica leaning hybrid strain with an average of 22 to 24 percent of THC

Potheads familiar with the parent strain Kush Mints and Seed Junky OG know what to expect from this hybrid

If you’re new to it, imagine this: A refreshing piney and citrusy aroma with hints of sweet coffee. Sounds innocent enough, right? Wrong! 

The LA Beatnik will plunge you into a deep sedative state and surprise you with an intense euphoric cerebral high.

Plus, considering the price starts at $49.99, LA Beatnik is also one of the most popular budget buds in Canada.

3. Lemon Face Mints (AAAA)Lemon Face Mints weed online Canada from the top online dispensary to buy weed online in Canada and get mail order marijuana value buds.

Rare and unique budget weed like the Lemon Face Mints (AAAA) also made the list of the most powerful strains for frugal stoners. 

Here’s a quick overview of what you can expect from this Indica dominant hybrid (60:40 ratio). There are many reasons why this strain is dubbed “The One.” 

Since it contains around 24 percent THC, you can expect one of the strongest highs of your life! According to users, Lemon Face Mints is suitable for appetite loss, nausea, stress, tension, mild to moderate depression, and insomnia. 

This citrusy and menthol Indica hybrid will make you fall asleep almost instantly.

4. Grape Ape Popcorn (AA)grape ape

Beginner-friendly, yet powerful – that’s Grape Ape Popcorn (AA) in a nutshell. This is the Indica hybrid crossbreed of the iconic Afghani, Skunk, and Mendocino Purps, and one of the best budget buds for 2022. 

With THC levels around 18 to 21 percent, Grape Ape Popcorn (AA) is suitable for noobs, moderate users, and even experts looking for a more mellow high. 

As the name implies, Grape Ape has a delectable sweet grape aroma and taste with hints of berry. You’ll experience a profoundly relaxing high and an eventual sleep-inducing couch lock.

Get Grape Ape Popcorn (AA) to deal with anxiety, PTSD, and depression.

5. Cake Crasher (AAAA)cake crasher

Cake Crasher is a low priced bud perfect for people who want to feel energized and motivated. This is a Sativa dominant hybrid, and the result of mixing Wedding Crasher and Wedding Cake. 

If you purchase Cake Crasher (AAAA) from a reliable weed store like Chronic Farms, you can expect the highest level of THC available. Buy weed online in Canada today and get around 22 percent of THC. 

Thanks to its strength and Sativa characteristics, Cake Crasher is ideal for relieving anxiety, stress, and chronic diseases. Plus, this is a fantastic strain for migraines, appetite loss, and insomnia.

6. Chemdawg (AAA)chemdawg

The famous Chemdawg (AAA) is often considered the most powerful budget weed for broke stoners. Let us explain why. 

Firstly, this almost evenly balanced strain (45 percent Sativa and 55 percent Indica) offers you the best of both worlds – the sedative effects of Indica and the head-strong benefits of Sativa. 

With a THC percentage of around 19 percent, this is a great low priced bud for beginners and users with low tolerance levels to the psychoactive compound.

Besides its pungent and spicy smell, the hint of diesel is addictive! 

Purchase cheap online weed like Chemdawg to treat ADHD, depression, arthritis, pain, and PMS. Believe it or not, you can get Chemdawg (AAA) for as low as $8.99.

7. Monster Cookies (AAA)monster cookies

Buy cheap weed online and treat yourself to some of the sweetest and most addictive strains available.

Take a bite of Monster Cookies (AAA) and uncover why this budget bud is the most popular choice for sweet lovers. If you have an affinity for sugar, this Indica hybrid will hit the spot. 

Monster Cookies is a mixture of Granddaddy Purple and Girl Scout Cookies well known for its rich berry and grape scent and dominant earthy notes.

With a THC percentage of 21 percent, this strain can help treat chronic pain, arthritis, appetite loss, and migraines.


This Sativa hybrid is so famous that they even made a movie about it! If you are seeking the best budget weed from Chronic Farms, Pineapple Express (AAAA+) is an amazing choice.

While Pineapple Express is not as powerful as the movie suggests, it still packs a punch. 

Generally, you can expect a THC percentage of 27 percent – so this strain is most suitable for experts and users with high tolerance levels to tetrahydrocannabinol. 

What can you expect from this budget weed? In short, you’ll feel numb, “buzzed”, and anxiety-free. All of your negative thoughts will drift away, leaving room for only positivity and good vibes. 

Medically, this top-shelf strain will help relieve aches, and mild pains, and treat symptoms of depression.

9. Jet Fuel (AAAA+)Jetfuel

Purchase cheap weed online and enjoy some of the highest-grade flowers for the lowest prices. Begin experimenting with Jet Fuel (AAAA+), a Sativa hybrid also known as “G6”. 

While the THC percentage is lower compared to other budget buds on this list, the effects of Jet Fuel never disappoint. 

You can expect a THC percentage of around 19 percent, and energizing effects that last the entire day.

Interestingly, Jet Fuel is famously known as “the cocaine of marijuana”! Use this heavy hitter to treat chronic fatigue, tension headaches, and mood swings. 

Grab weed online in Canada like Jet Fuel for as low as $9.99.

10. Peppermint Pink (AAAA+)pepperment pink

This nearly pure Indica will make you drool. Not only is Peppermint Pink (AAAA+) one of the most palatable budget buds for 2022, but it is also one of the top-selling strains at your favourite pot store, Chronic Farms. 

This Indica is a mixture of equally yummy parent strains Pink Kush and Stella Blue, both big names in the cannabis community. 

Thanks to its genetics, Peppermint Kush provides a delectable sweet and pepperminty experience to make you feel well-rested and “zen.”

Get Peppermint Pink today and chase away all signs of tension and stress after a long day of work. 

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Where Can I Purchase Cheap Weed Online?

You’ll find the full collection of budget buds at Chronic Farms, the best online dispensary in your area.

If you are on the hunt for premium budget buds in Canada that is affordable, delicious, and effective, you are in the right place. 

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