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What is Dabbing: A Guide for Noobs

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What is Dabbing and How to Dab The Right Way

Dabs are an emerging trend all around the cannabis world, but you may be asking yourself, what is dabbing? What are dabs anyway? 

If you’re a newcomer to dabbing or you are looking to improve your knowledge of this popular cannabis method, you’re in the right place. 

We’ve gathered the most updated info on the net to bring you a comprehensive overview of weed dabbing, what is dabbing,  its benefits, how it’s done, how dabs are created, and much more. 

You’ll also find out the best weed for dabbing currently trending on the market. 

Plus, you will uncover helpful tips and tricks on where to get the best weed for dabbing in 2022. That said, always choose your online dispensary carefully.

THC concentrates can be extremely powerful, and choosing the right pot store that offers regulated products is crucial. 

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So, what is dabbing weed? Keep scrolling to find out.

What Are Dabs & What Is Dabbing?THC concentrate dab drug weed crumble. Buy cannabis concentrates online in Canada. what is dabbing? dispensary weed from mail order marijuana weed dispensary.

If you’re new to the question ” what is dabbing”, you’re likely confused about what the word “dab” refers to. No, it’s not a popular dance move. 

Instead, we’re discussing weed dabs, highly concentrated variations of BHO, or butane hash oil. 

Dabs include honeycomb, amber, shatter, wax, or budder, and these are all extremely concentrated products with high THC levels.

Manufacturers produce this substance via a careful chemical process. Butane oil is used to extract precious cannabis oils.

According to research, it is believed that BHO or dabs can have up to 80 percent THC compared to traditional weed, which ranges from around 10 to 15 percent in THC. 

In other words, dabs are at least four times more potent than smoking a joint! Additionally, potheads who enjoy dabbing experience the incredible high immediately rather than waiting for a gradual buildup. 

Overall, dabs are created by pouring butane over cannabis. During this process, THC (the psychoactive compound found in cannabis) is extracted from the plant and dissolved in butane. 

As a result, you get an almost solid and gummy cannabis product with insane amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol.

So, what are dabs and what is dabbing? They’re something you need to have in your itinerary.

If you are a lover of traditional weed and you want to experiment with the effects or try something completely different and exciting, you may want to start weed dabbing. 

Although dabs are typically too strong for beginners and people with low tolerance levels to THC, you can still enjoy them. 

That is, we always recommend mindful and responsible cannabis use, no matter whether you are smoking or dabbing weed. Choosing cannabis concentrates from reputable stores is also important.

Select a weed store with a solid reputation and heaps of positive customer reviews and testimonials. Of course, we understand cost is always a factor when choosing a weed dispensary. 

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What is Dabbing?

What are dabs? They are highly concentrated cannabis products that will give you a mind-altering experience. What is dabbing? It’s the process of consuming these ultra-high THC weed products. 

According to one review, dabbing isn’t a new trend. In reality, it is suggested that people in the US have been dabbing since the 1960s! 

That said, you may be new to weed dabbing and you’re looking for some helpful tips to get started.

In the sections below, we’ve provided some useful and practical advice on what is dabbing cannabis & how to do it, the expected effects, the best products worth the hype, and more.

What Is Dabbing & What Are The Effects of Dabbing Weed

Now that you understand the answer to “what is dabbing weed?”, you may want to start as soon as possible.

However, before dabbing weed, it is important to educate yourself on the expected effects and potential side effects you could experience. 

After you learn about the effects of weed dabbing, you can decide whether you want to continue with this consumption method. Hint, you will because the benefits are out of this world.

In short, dabbing cannabis can give you one of the strongest highs ever. Individuals struggling with medical conditions such as chronic pain and inflammation will find relief when using dabs.

Moreover, recreational users with high tolerance levels to THC will find it extremely enjoyable. 

Since dabs are pure, they are very potent in aroma and flavour. You’ll quickly notice the intense flavour and burst of aromas when dabbing cannabis. Overall, you will experience the full range of aromas and flavours of the weed. 

Also, weed dabbing is cleaner than other traditional weed consumption methods. Since these products are void of plant matter, they do not contain carcinogens.

What Is Dabbing & What’s The Best Weed for Dabbing

What is dabbing weed? Using dabs is one of the biggest crazes in the cannabis community right now. And with a craze comes a variety of products claiming to be “the best”. 

But what is the best weed for dabbing? We’ve gathered the best products that are worth your time and money. If you want to start dabbing cannabis, check them out first.

1. Afghani Shatter THC ConcentrateAfghani Shatter THC Concentrate. Dab drug shatter weed. What is dabbing? Online dispensary Canada. Buy weed online Canada.

What is a dab of weed? For example, it’s the Afghani shatter. Afghani or “Afghanistan” is a powerful Indica strain with THC levels of at least 19 percent and up. 

Since it’s an Indica, you’ll likely experience the signature full-body relaxing effects and the eventual couch-lock. 

According to medical cannabis users, this is the perfect dab for treating insomnia, stress disorders, and even pain.

Not only is this shatter strong, but it’s also mouth-watering! If you enjoy earthy and sweet mixes, you need to give Afghani a go. 

For reference, shatter is a cannabis extract that looks similar to glass. It can give you up to 90 percent of the psychoactive compound. Buy the Afghani shatter for a mere $14.99.

2. Do-Si-Do Live ResinDo-si-Do Live Resin cannabis concentrate from Chronic Farms weed dispensary for mail order marijuana, edibles, gummys, and dispensary weed.

Live resin is a heavy-duty cannabis concentrate that will give you all the natural terpenes found in marijuana.

Stoners who are looking for a superior experience and a “melting” sensation need to try out the Do-Si-Do live resin

This is an Indica-leaning strain with an intense sedating effect that will leave you immovable for hours. You’ll get around 28 percent of THC from the bud, so expect one of the strongest highs imaginable. 

The flavour and aroma of Do-Si-Do is intoxicating, and if you enjoy sweet minty cookies, you’ll fall in love with this strain. 

Because of how addicting it is, you’ll have a hard time controlling doses. Make sure to be extra mindful when using this dab because it kicks in fast with a cerebral rush of intense energy.

Get this live resin for insomnia, stress, nausea, chronic pain, and depression. 

Do-Si-Do live resin is available for as low as $14.99.

What is a Dab Rig?Dab rig used for dabbing THC concentrates like shatter, budder, and crumble. Chronic Farms online dispensary to buy weed online in Canada.

If you’ve ever talked to an experienced dabber before, they’re likely going to recommend using a dab rig. 

But what is a dag rig? This term refers to a water pipe that you use to inhale dabs. In appearance, it is similar to a bong, but with the unique feature of having a nail for your concentrates.

There are numerous nail styles and the most popular ones are banger and terp slurper. 

In short, the answer to “what is a dab rig?” is this. It’s a special type of water pipe or bong made for smoking dense concentrates.

What Is Dabbing Weed: How is it Done?

There are a few ways that you can use dabs. Although the recommended method involves eNails, you can also try vapourizing it, or lining a joint

Using a high-quality eNail will be the easiest option, especially if you are looking for alternatives to butane torches.

Heating a dab nail without a butane torch is simple once you get the hang of it. Follow these steps carefully:

  • Turn on the stove and adjust the temperature to high.
  • Get some tongs, grab the nail, and place it over the burner to heat up for a few minutes (around five minutes).
  • When it’s heated up, place it into your rig.

Enjoy the dabbing experience.


What is a Dab of Weed?

Dabs refer to butane hash oil or BHO in its most concentrated form. These products are extremely rich in THC, the compound in weed known for its psychoactive effects.

Is Dabbing Cannabis Dangerous?

When consumed mindlessly and recklessly, anything can be potentially harmful. Make sure to always stick to the recommended daily dosages and do not go overboard.

If you feel side effects such as paranoia, seek out the help of a professional.

Where Can I Find the Best Weed for Dabbing?

Hopefully, this article answered “what is dabbing?” and all of your related questions. Are you ready to start shopping for dabs? Check out Chronic Farms, the best online dispensary in Canada.

You can find a wide array of top-quality and affordable cannabis products for every taste bud. 

Save money and get high today.