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Top 7 Cheap Weed Strains to Buy Online in Canada

Cheap weed BC bud online with a grinder from an online dispensary in Canada.

Looking To Buy Cheap Weed Strains Online in Canada? Here Are 7 Strains To Get You Started

These 7 cheap weed strains will leave you yearning for more!

The legalization of cannabis has opened doorways for researchers and breeders to have their way with cannabis.

Now, more than ever, consumers have access to the widest selection of cannabis strains and the latest research data on cannabis.

Both these trends have made it easier for consumers to access cheap weed, which has proliferated the cannabis market.

The only problem consumers face with all these options is picking the best quality cheap weed.

So what distinguishes an excellent-quality strain from a mediocre one? You first need to look at the strain’s physical appearance and bud quality, then note its taste, aroma, potency and overall effects.

As a cannabis consumer, knowing the classification of a particular weed strain will help you better predict its effects. For example, what types of terpenes does it boast? Is it a sativa, indica or a hybrid strain?

Sativa strains produce head-high and energy-inducing effects, while the Indica high is more body-centred, leading to sedating effects. If you want something in between, go for hybrid strains. They’re known for the balance between Indica and Sativa effects.

Today’s guide will discuss seven superior quality cheap weed buds to help enlighten your shopping experience as you stock up on your favourite buds.

Top 7 Cheap Weed Strains To Buy Online In Canada

1. Grape Ape Popcorn (AA)Grape Ape Popcorn cheap weed budget buds from Chronic Farms online dispensary Canada for mail order marijuana and BC cannabis.

One quality cheap weed to buy online in Canada is Grape Ape Popcorn (AA)

Grape Ape Popcorn (AA) is a sweet Indica hybrid made by crossing original Afghani, Skunk, and Purps. The strain boasts moderate effects thanks to its high THC content, reaching up to 21%.


Like juicy ripe grapes, Grape Ape Popcorn’s dense buds feature characteristic purple streaks.

As the plant matures, buds trade purple hues for darker shades. Surrounding the pleasant-looking buds is a thick layer of trichomes that houses all the potent THC.

Scent and Flavour

Grape Ape Popcorn (AA) tastes and smells reminiscent of a juicy ripe grape to pay homage to its name. The sweet notes are underlaid by subtle berry flavours and sweet earthy flavours.


Grape Ape Popcorn (AA) has a high that creeps in slowly. It starts like a euphoric buzz before crushing you into a deep relaxation that can translate to sedation and pleasant couch-locked effects.

The intense body high associated with the strain makes it ideal for managing anxiety, stress and chronic pain.

2. Lemon Pie Popcorn (AAAA)Lemon Pie cheap weed popcorn buds for sale online from an online dispensary pot shop and weed store for mail order marijuana weed online Canada. Buy weed online.

Another quality yet cheap weed strain is Lemon Pie Popcorn (AAAA)

Lemon Pie Popcorn (AAAA) is an energy-inducing Sativa strain made by crossing Skunk #1 with Amnesia Haze X. The strain possesses up to 22% THC making it ideal for consumers looking for a potent strain.


The first thing you’ll notice from the buds are the sprinkles of brightly coloured orange hairs that seem to poke out through the buds.

A closer inspection will reveal the tightly packed grape-shaped buds that take on a forest green hue. If you notice a shimmer, that’s just the thick layer of sticky trichomes that cover the buds.

Scent and Flavour 

Lemon Pie Popcorn (AAAA) is a treat for the senses. Toking on its sweet nugs will unveil a parade of aromas, each more delectable than the next.

First comes an unmistakable tangy citrus note with light hints of herbaceous and spicy aromas. Next follows the skunky diesel notes with undertones of earthy flavours.


Lemon Pie Popcorn is the perfect daytime use strain. It will induce an influx of energy and euphoria that will start with a lifted cerebral high. These effects make the strain ideal for patients treating fatigue, depression, nausea, and appetite loss.

3. Girl Scout Cookies (AAAA+)

Another quality cheap weed strain that you should definitely try is Girl Scout Cookies (AAAA+)

Girl Scout Cookies is a 60% Indica dominant hybrid made by crossing Durban Poison X F1 with OG Kush.

With THC levels of 28%, it’s easy to see why the strain is a popular choice for patients looking for quick relief from their chronic condition.


Girl Scout Cookies feature pleasantly coloured buds with alternating purple and green hues. Poking from the bud are the fiery orange hairs, which perfectly contrast with the dominant green hues.

Scent and Flavour

Girl Scout Cookies will make the perfect dessert strain because of its pleasant decadent flavours featuring sweet cherry notes, bold, cool minty flavours and tangy lemon aromas.


Girl Scout Cookies present hard-hitting effects thanks to their soaring levels of THC. The high creeps into a buzz that soon turns into an overpowering sedation that will keep you glued to the couch.

These effects last extended periods, making the strain ideal for patients managing depression, anxiety, and chronic pain.

4. Pineapple Express (AAAA+)

The energizing sativa strains always keep us coming back for more.

And if you’re looking for a cheap bud, you can toke first thing in the morning. You can’t go wrong with a sativa-dominant strain like Pineapple Express.

The strain is a child of Trainwreck and Hawaiian, with THC levels reaching 18%.


Pineapple Express nugs will mature into dense and curly flowers, taking on dark green hues. Firefly-coloured amber hairs grace the surface of the nugs to highlight their beautiful colouration.

Scent and Flavour

As its name suggests, toking on Pineapple Express nugs will be a delicious affair, highlighted by prominent pineapple notes with hints of sweet citrus and earthy pine.


Pineapple Express pairs well with early evenings, afternoons, and mornings because of the bright, energy-inducing effects it highlights.

You’ll feel the effects creep in soon after your last toke. First, you’ll feel the buzz of euphoria followed by alertness and a surge in creativity.

All these effects make the strain ideal for combating pain, fatigue and depression.

5. King Louis XIII (AAA)

King Louis XIII is an Indica-dominant strain that packs serious sedating effects thanks to its high THC levels, reaching 29%.

The strain was made by crossing two equally sought-after parents: OG Kush and LA Confidential, also known for their high THC levels.


King Louis XIII boasts elegant looks thanks to its densely packed lime green bud coated with crystal white resinous layers. 

Scent and Flavour

When you break the buds apart, wafts of musky pine, hints of skunk, and a rich earthy tone will swirl the air around you.

As you toke the buds, expect a refreshingly crispy citrus aroma underlaid by a skunky diesel smell.


King Louis XIII has some hard-hitting sedating effects that will soon lull you into a deep slumber.

The last thing you’ll remember is the gentle pressure behind your eyes because the body sedation comes on quickly and fast.

The unique effects induced by this cheap weed strain make it especially effective against an array of conditions.

Patients managing insomnia will find the sleep-inducing effects pleasant. Likewise, those trying to alleviate stress, anxiety and depression will be drawn by the deeply relaxing effects.

6. Juicy Fruit – Shake/Trim

If you want to buy cheap weed online in Canada, getting a collection of trims from a fruity-flavoured delicious strain like Juicy Fruit is a great idea.

This cheap weed strain was cultivated by crossing Thai with Afghani. It’s a near well-balanced hybrid with THC levels that can sometimes soar to 20%.


Juicy Fruit buds have medium-sized nugs, which are sometimes loosely packed and take various hues of green.

Orange-coloured hairs surround the nugs sticking out from the white resinous layer that sufficiently covers the trichomes.

Scent and Flavour

Juicy Fruit’s scent and aromas pay homage to its name. Moreover, toking on the nugs will prove to be a decadent affair.

It would feel like guzzling up a carefully concocted cocktail with notes of plum, lemon, and unmistakable pina colada flavour.


Since Juicy Fruit is an almost perfect hybrid, you can expect a mixture of Sativa and Indica effects.

First comes the cerebral buzz with bouts of euphoria, then follows the body high that will leave you relaxed and sedated. Juicy Fruit is excellent for alleviating mood disorders, anxiety, and physical pain.

7. Green Crack (AAA)

Another cheap weed strain available in our online store is Green Crack (AAA)

Green Crack (AAA) is so named for its hard-hitting effects. The strain can keep you awake and energized for extended periods.

It’s a sativa-dominant strain made by crossing the Afghani landrace with Skunk #1 and features a THC level of 24%.

The strain received the controversial name from the famous rapper Snoop Dogg who swears by its ability to keep you up and doing the most. 

For this reason, most cannabis connoisseurs strongly advise against consuming this strain at night or during the evening.


Green Crack buds grow in compact, dense nugs with streaks of yellow and light green throughout. Coating these buds is a sticky layer of creamy white resinous trichomes.

Scent and Flavour

Green cracks smell like freshly cut mango, highlighted by sweet, tangy notes and tropical fruity flavours.


Green Crack is an exclusive daytime use strain thanks to its sharp energy surging effect accompanied by increased creativity and focus.

The high will keep you edgy and can sometimes translate into a psychedelic wave with distorted visuals and enhanced colours.

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