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We all know how it feels to be in the middle of nowhere, and not have any weed dispensaries nearby. Luckily Chronicfarms is here for your needs! With our local online dispensary you can find what your body desires without having to drive too far away from home.

Online Cannabis has revolutionized the game

In 2018, Canada made history by legalizing the use of recreational marijuana nationwide. Online dispensaries quickly followed suit and have become a popular choice among consumers who want to buy weed in person without going out or dealing with black market suppliers.

Online dispensaries are everywhere and there is such a variety to choose from! Consumers can find anything they need at competitive prices. No longer do people have just one option for marijuana products; these days we’re spoiled with an abundance of choices available on demand through their  smartphones and other devices.

Buying weed has never been easier than it is today. With so many options available and all delivered right to your front door, there’s no reason not to find what you’re looking for at the click of a button!

Brief history of Red Deer

One of the most beautiful cities in Alberta, Red Deer is located near the midpoint between Calgary and Edmonton. With over 100 thousand people living there throughout all areas you’ll find something for everyone!

The area was first settled by First Nations including the Blackfoot, Plains Cree and Stoney. European fur traders began passing through this region in the late Eighteenth century but it wasn’t until after 1795 when Métis people emerged into these ethnic mixes that they would permanently set up shop on what is now known as “The Route”.

Red Deer was named after the river on which it sits. The natives called this Waskasoo Seepee, but British traders who were mistaken about what Elk is thought to be mistook them for Europe’s red deer and so they renamed Red Deer River; however people still call themselves by their original name even though there’s no longer an animal with that name.

Places in Red Deer to enjoy a blunt

  • Discovery Canyon water park
  • Heritage Ranch
  • Canyon ski resort

Red Deer may be in the middle of Alberta, but that doesn’t mean it’s without its natural beauty. With ample activities all year round and surrounded by stunning wilderness just waiting to happen – there are plenty of reasons for why this little town has become so popular over recent years!

What you should look for in a reliable online dispensary

When browsing for the perfect marijuana dispensary in Canada, make sure to do your research. Quality indicators can help you decide if a store is trustworthy and provide other beneficial information about them!


When shopping for weed, it’s important to compare prices and find a dispensary that has quality buds at an affordable price. At Chronicfarms, we only carry British Columbia grown marijuana because everyone knows the best chronic in Canada comes from there!


With so many different types of cannabis products out there, it can be hard to know what you’re looking for. Luckily we have a list here at Chronicfarms with some of top-selling strains from around BC! We also carry a variety of products:

Customer Service:

It’s important to have a dispensary that listens and cares about your needs. At Chronicfarms, we want you and our customers happy so our staff will always be attentive with yours throughout every step of shopping! We also offer live chat during business hours as well if there is anything on our mind–and don’t worry; your messages will get a response promptly from us.

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